Improve focus and creativity

The specially enhanced music helps you reach the optimum brainwave state so you can work more efficiently.

Relax quicker and easier

The modified music and nature ambiences help slow down your brainwaves for relaxation whenever you need to unwind and recharge.

Find or create the perfect mix

Choose one of the 700+ pre-mixed albums, or use the built in mixer to select the right music and the exact state you want to be in.

If you want a better life but sometimes struggle because you feel overwhelmed, easily distracted or stressed ...The Harmony Mixer can help you.

We've been publishing specially enhanced music since 2010 which has helped thousands of people find clarity, focus, creativity and peace.

The Harmony Mixer takes it to the next level.

Live in Harmony...
  • - Clear brain fog, reduce distractions and get more creative on demand
  • - Melt away stress and experience deep relaxation at the touch of a button
  • - Overcome fears and beliefs that are holding you back from the life you desire
  • - Get inspired, motivated and enlightened in a unique and blissful way...


Sign up for a free account and you'll access over 1000 demos and 36 full albums. If you like it, upgrade by pressing the Pricing button in the members area and choose a plan.

For just $9.95 a month ($8 a month if you pay yearly), you'll get full streaming access to all 1500+ albums. New albums are added every week. You'll also be able to download an album of your choice every week ($50 monthly value), and you can create and save your own mixes.

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"Thrilled with the results"

"I'm thrilled with the results and excited everyday to try a new one! I find I can very quickly access a deep meditation level or boost my energy or happiness. It's wonderful! I'm excitedly anticipating all that I can accomplish with this technology!" Diane Grayber

"This is brilliant"

"This is brilliant. They have helped with my chronic pain and insomnia. I love that new ones are being added regularly. If you have the passion to improve your self this is a wonderful tool to help you on your new or continuing journey. Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful music to us." Dawn Wokson

"High quality on every Level"

"The Harmony Mixer is just a magnificent piece of work, and a great tool that allows you to create your own customized tracks. Choosing exactly what is right for you on the moment, and also to automatically tune to 432 htz with a simple click. High quality on every Level." Helene Bouvier